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Metal Prices Increased With Worries Of Trade War ...

Metal prices have gained momentum from industry data and trade war worries beneath expectations from China. Silver rose 1.58 percent to $ 17.26, gold rose 0.54 percent to $ 1,308.3, copper fell 1.01 percent to $ 3,221, platinum rose 0.66 percent to $ 908.5, and palladium fell 0.28 percent to $ 1,004.4.

In the domestic market, the price of grams of gold was 197 liras, quarter gold was 317 liras, and the Republic gold was 1,288 liras. Oil prices fell due to the daily production record of 10.9 million barrels from the US. Turkey is also used as a criterion in defining the Brent crude oil price per barrel from 75.92 dollars to 1:07 daily percentage decline, US light oil in dollars are traded daily, down 66.43 percent 0:32.

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