According to our vision, mission, principles and values; our goals are;

  • To agree with legal requirements and customer essentials,
  • To ensure the development and sustainability of our company,
  • To become preferred company by our stakeholders,

For achieving these goals;
We hereby declare that we are;

  • Identifying our goals and strategic management comprehension,
  • Achieving success with all employees by rising awareness of them.
  • Providing new activities about occupational health and safety, developing new systems for preventing occupational accidents,
  • Making secure working environment of our employees for increasing their health and life conditions,
  • Using environmental technologies within technical and economical assessments for adding value to our people and society,
  • Using our inputs effectively and productively for decreasing the usage of our natural sources.
  • Implementing new systems for consuming wastes at source, collecting with suitable conditions and providing waste disposal.
  • Providing effective communication systems as customer-oriented in intercorporate for fulfilling our customers’ needs and special requests excellently.
  • Supporting to design and purchase new products and services as energy-efficient, secure, environmentally friendly and improve our performances for environmental issues.
  • Providing continuous improvement with innovative projects for increasing productivity and decreasing our costs with the aid of our stakeholders.
  • Implementing risk management systems for competing emergency conditions and maintaining sustainability.
  • Being a company for adding value with quality, environment, occupational health and safety and energy practices and also making differences with some of our special features as ever-growing, sustainable company, good communication skilled and transparent.